Generating Your NFTs

Before uploading the different layers of your NFTs, you will need to fill out the Pricing, Royalty Fee, and Total Amount of NFTs

  • Unit Price: The price you want to sell each NFT at

  • Royalty Fee: A percentage you take when your NFT is sold in a secondary market such as OpenSea or Rarible

  • Total Amount of NFT: The number of NFTs you want to generate

Now, you can begin adding the layers of your Generative NFTs

Start from the base layer and move your way up to the topmost layer.

  • The Layer Name is your trait, which will correspond to the Property Name on OpenSea

  • The file name for each trait variation is the Property

  • Once you have added a Layer, upload the different Trait Variations to that Layer

Please upload in batches of 5 files or less or it may fail to upload

  • Once you have uploaded all your files to the correct layer, scroll down to the Rarity Setting menu

  • By default, the generator will equally distribute the rarity of each Trait Variation i.e. Attribute

  • You can customize the rarity as much as you like. The platform will automatically check the Probability for each Layer, matches the Total Amount of NFTs

  • Once you are satisfied with your rarity settings, click on Preview NFT to view possible NFTs that can be generated when minted

  • If you want to come back and work on your project later, click on Save Draft

  • If you want to deploy your project, click on Save and Continue

If you click on Save and Continue, you will not be able to come back and make changes

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