Deploying Your Project

  • After clicking on Continue, you will be taken to a preview sales page

  • If you are ready, click on Deploy

  • You will be able to choose which type of contract you would like to deploy

There is a Deployment Fee for deploying the contract as well as a Platform Fee.

The Deployment Fee varies depending on the network you have chosen.

The Platform Fee is taken when you claim the proceeds from your sales.

  • After choosing which type of contract to deploy, a notification on MetaMask will appear. Click on Confirm to deploy your project

  • You can also can edit gas fees to make your transactions go faster. However you will have pay more gas fees.

Following EIP-1559, you can add a Max Priority Fee to let miners prioritize your transaction first. Think of it like "tipping" the miner.

Putting in too little gas can cause your transaction to fail. You will also lose the amount you paid for that transaction.

  • After clicking onConfirm, wait for a MetaMask Notification confirming your transaction

  • Once your transaction has been confirmed, click on Reload/Refresh

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