You will need to do 2 things in order to use Speedboat

Getting Set Up with MetaMask

MetaMask is a Web 3.0 wallet and the "gateway to blockchain apps". You will need one to use Speedboat as we currently only support MetaMask.

  • You can download the MetaMask Chrome Extension by visiting their website:

  • Once you have downloaded MetaMask, you will be asked to create a wallet

  • Once you have put in a password, you will be shown a seed phrase.

    • Write this down and store it somewhere secure, preferably offline.


Obtaining Native currencies

Depending on the network you wish to deploy your project on, you will need that network's native currency. For example, you will need ETH to use Ethereum, and BNB to use Binance Smart Chain. It is used to pay for transaction fees on the network, staking, and governance. Here are some ways to obtain them:

  1. Purchase it on a centralized exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Bitkub, or KuCoin and then transfer it to your Metamask wallet

  2. If you've been on other networks such as Ethereum, BSC, or Fantom, you can bridge some tokens over with the Synapse Bridge.

    1. When you bridge your assets over using Synapse, they will provide you with some tokens to pay for gas

    2. You can then swap your bridged assets into your desired currency

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