Creating a Whitelist Round

  • To create a Whitelist Round, click on + Add more selling round
  • Input the Round Title, Mint Price, Max Mint Per User, and total supply for the round
  • For Round Type, select Private
  • Add your whitelisted addresses
Add an address then hit enter before adding in the next address
ENS names are currently not supported
  • Once you have added all whitelisted addresses, click on Sell Now and a Metamask notification will pop up. Click confirm.
    • This is to confirm the creation of a New Round
  • Another Metamask notification will then pop up. Confirm this transaction too.
    • This is to add the wallet addresses to the Whitelist Round
Only Whitelisted Addresses will be able to see the whitelisted round
Non-whitelisted Address
Whitelisted addresses will see round they are whitelisted for