Creating a Project

  • Click on Launch App and connect your MetaMask Wallet

  • You will be taken to your Project Dashboard

  • Select the network you would like to use

  • If you switch to a network you have never used before, a MetaMask notification will pop up asking you to add the network to your wallet and switch to it

  • Click on + Add Project

  • A Modal will pop up for you to fill in your Project Details

  • Project Name - This is the name of the project and will also be part of the URL for your personalized sales page on Speedboat

  • Collection Symbol - This is a few letters or numbers that relate to your NFTs. Think of it like a ticker for your NFT collection

  • Project Description - A description of your project. This is where you can showcase to the world what your project is about.

  • Website URL - You can add a URL to your own website or social media account

  • Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click on Next, and you will be taken to your NFT generation page

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